Recast is a subscription-free, live and on-demand streaming platform powered by microtransactions. It gives fans affordable access to the sports and entertainment they love and pays content creators and rights holders for every view.

  • Set up and run frequent user research sessions to either validate user experience designs and positioning
  • User experience design of both the consumer and business facing sides of the platform to make Recast a compelling proposition for users and ensure partners could easily supply content
Scope of Activities
  • Line management & mentoring: 1x UI Designer, 1x Content Designer
  • Establishing design team & hiring
  • User research plans and execution
  • Wireframing
  • User flows
  • Persona generation
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Hi fidelity UI design
  • Motion design

Interaction Design

As Recast is a video platform I felt it was crucial to prototype the experience using tools where video could be embedded into the design. Static images would not allow us to properly evaluate our choices either as internal feedback or during user tests. We decided to use Framer as it enables video content to be easily embedded and complex interactions can be prototyped quickly as in the above example.

Early example of output from a whiteboard session involving members of the partner team to define the publishing platform.

High-fidelity designs for the consumer web-app.

User Research

I established a process for research and then have continued to provide this to Recast in a freelance capacity. My process for this is to recruit via Respondent and then use Lookback to conduct moderated tests. This is then supplemented with quantitative surveys where needed to be able to validate the objectives of the test. Findings are then presented to the product team with a shareable document providing key takeaways and recommendations.

As Recast’s business model can be unfamiliar to users we spend a lot of time honing the messaging.  Using this tight feedback loop we have gone from a place where about 20% of people understood the prospect to closer to 80%.

Depending on the nature of the tests, findings were provided visually so that context could be provided and suggested flow improvements easily understood.


With all elements of the experience in place (landing page, consumer web app, and publisher platform) Recast was able to secure £5.9m in Series A funding.